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Fagus Sirius

picture of dog
Registered Name: Fagus Sirius
Registration number: FIN 25608 98
First registered number: DK05359/98
Sire: Nota Bene's Nando
Dam: Katrijn van 't Ruinerveld
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 12 MAR 1998
Date of Death: 22 MAR 2012
Land of Birth: Denmark
Land of Standing: Finland
Black and White with Mold
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: C.I.B FIN ch SE ch NO ch EE ch
Genetic Indentification:

Full Medical Information

COI 10 generations: 26.76%
Fagus Sally
Fagus Saxo
Fagus Sigga
Fagus Sir Charly
Fagus Svejk
Fagus Sweet Chili
Known Offspring:
Carnac's Zappa
Carnac's Zero Effect
Carnac's Zingo
Carnac's Zoom at The Top
Engongs Laban
Engongs Lira
Engongs Loka
Engongs Lova
Engongs Lucifer
Fondness Fanny Fransiina
Fondness Forry Pontus
Fondness Freddy Frans
Khazad's Eye'm Your Man
Khazad's Eyea Baja
Khazad's Eyeron Maiden
Khazad's Eyeöss
Khazad`s Eyedeal Companion
Khazad`s Eyeoli
Khazad`s Eyesbreaker
Khazad`s Eyevar Relish
Lumikuono Ictita Perrita
Lumikuono Ida Haldada
Lumikuono Idolito Perrito
Lumikuono Indio Patito
Lumikuono Ira Amarra
Lumikuono Isabella Aquella
Nalle-Haukun Iisa
Nalle-Haukun Inka
Nalle-Haukun Ipa-Marke
Nalle-Haukun Ira-Lea
Nalle-Haukun Itta
Nalle-Haukun Izmir
Nalle-Haukun Jaron Pyry
Nalle-Haukun Jella
Nalle-Haukun Jenny
Nalle-Haukun Jerry
Nalle-Haukun Jessica
Nalle-Haukun Jo jo
Nalle-Haukun Jurre
Nalle-Haukun Raita
Nalle-Haukun Rosa
Nalle-Haukun Ulriika
Nalle-Haukun Umora
Nalle-Haukun Unna
Nalle-Haukun Uppo Nalle
Nalle-Haukun Utria
Nalle-Haukun Uuno
Scandoes Rami
Scandoes Ringa
Scandoes Rollo
C.I.B FIN ch SE ch NO ch EE ch

Fagus Sirius

Nota Bene's Nando

Fagus Floris

Siska de la Richesse
Het Meisje du Coeur Poilu Lucky van Ramibo
Chippie von Wulfskuhl
Katrijn van 't Ruinerveld Yoep Amorus Victor Amorus

Schoontje Amorus

Happy van 't Ruinerveld

Adelmar van de Buytelaer
Eefje van 't Ruinerveld