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Wunderschön's Guus

picture of dog
Registered Name: Wunderschön's Guus
Call Name: Spock
Registration number: 2211602
Sire: Banjer Ruchiëng Beauty Dogs
Dam: Mouse Ruchiëng Beauty dogs
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 1 SEP 1998
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Netherlands
Land of Standing:
Black and White with Mold
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: HCH
Genetic Indentification:

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COI 10 generations: 28.16%
Wunderschön's Gabber
Wunderschön's Gipsy
Wunderschön's Goofy
Wunderschön's Gowie
Wunderschön's Guusje
Wunderschön's Janneke
Wunderschön's Jennis
Wunderschön's Jessie
Wunderschön's Jody
Wunderschön's Joep
Wunderschön's Joy
Known Offspring:
Eliot of Magic Dog Garden
Elisa of Magic Dog Garden
Elroy of Magic Dog Garden
Erster Pauli of Magic Dog Garden
Espandrillo of Magic Dog Garden
Extravaganza of Magic Dog Garden
Parraghegyi-Borzas Baily van Deluxe
Parraghegyi-Borzas Bee Borka
Parraghegyi-Borzas Bende Guus
Parraghegyi-Borzas Bijou
Parraghegyi-Borzas Bounty Briljant
Parraghegyi-Borzas Marco
Parraghegyi-Borzas Mary
Parraghegyi-Borzas Mayka
Parraghegyi-Borzas Mia
Parraghegyi-Borzas Mini
Parraghegyi-Borzas Mischa
Parraghegyi-Borzas Momo
Parraghegyi-Borzas O'Blada
Parraghegyi-Borzas O`Bladi
Parraghegyi-Borzas O`Brian
Parraghegyi-Borzas O`Dett
Parraghegyi-Borzas Sammie
Parraghegyi-Borzas Sheila
Parraghegyi-Borzas Sir Mook
Parraghegyi-Borzas Snoopy
Parraghegyi-Borzas Tessie
Parraghegyi-Borzas Timo Tivald
Parraghegyi-Borzas Tunder Panka
Parraghegyi-Borzas Vackor
Parraghegyi-Borzas Vidor
Parraghegyi-Borzas Vidorka
Parraghegyi-Borzas Vigasz
Parraghegyi-Borzas Vilola
Parraghegyi-Borzas Zafir
Parraghegyi-Borzas Zenith
Parraghegyi-Borzas Zizi
Parraghegyi-Borzas Zorka
Parraghegyi-Borzas Zuzmo

Wunderschön's Guus

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