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Lightschaps Lotus Uma Lady

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Registered Name: Lightschaps Lotus Uma Lady
Call Name: Lady
Registration number: S 29724/2015
Kennel: Lightschaps Kennel
Sire: Lightschaps Lilium Royal Gold
Dam: Lightschaps Paeonia Bowl of Beaty
Sex: female
Breeder: Monica Ottosson
Owner: Hanne Jakobsen
Date of Birth: 3 APR 2015
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing: Norway
Size: 45 cm (17.72 inch)
Weight: 16 kg (35.27 pound)
Distinguishing Features:
Genetic Indentification:

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Offspring Page

COI 10 generations: 9.48%
Lightschaps Lotus Indra
Lightschaps Lotus Kali
Lightschaps Lotus Naga
Lightschaps Lotus Rama
Lightschaps Lotus Shakti
Lightschaps Lotus Skanda
Known Offspring:
Lightschaps Lotus Uma Lady

Lightschaps Lilium Royal Gold

Jolly Bob av Ulfsäter

Stonebody's El Emperador

Fanica Queen Quintana

Carnac's Jolly Jinti

Gordon of the Gentle Bears

Carnac's No Mercy

Lightschaps Paeonia Bowl of Beaty

Urtehagens G Biloba Max

Carnac's X-Man

Urtehagens C Sativus Pia

Lightschaps Heidieh

Vidocq du Xiang Ki

Excerno Cocheta Does