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Viva Allegria's June Blue Kiss

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Registered Name: Viva Allegria's June Blue Kiss
Call Name: Josy
Registration number: VDH/IGS 14/063U2421
First registered number: LOL J/261/12
Sire: Fanica Tango Tommy
Dam: Fleur d Alizee du Jardin des Lucioles
Sex: female
Owner: Ingo Fladung
Date of Birth: 12 DEC 2012
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Luxembourg
Land of Standing: Germany
Black and White with Mold
Distinguishing Features:
Genetic Indentification:

Full Medical Information

Offspring Page

COI 10 generations: 17.84%
Viva Allegria's J-1
Viva Allegria's Jackson Black and More
Viva Allegria's Jazzn Blues
Viva Allegria's Jioiella Cara
Viva Allegria's Jon Bon Jovi
Viva Allegria's Just the Boss
Known Offspring:

Viva Allegria's June Blue Kiss

Fanica Tango Tommy

Excerno Chaska Does

Flairamy's Kaianus

Laguna-Luma van het Rollecaterdeel

Fanica Lili Lucia

Levens Roos Chester

Filippa van Wietse Sebastiaan

Fleur d Alizee du Jardin des Lucioles

Camagis Kejser

Bertram Douwe van de Hengelsehoek

Camagis Amanda

Cayran du Jardin des Lucioles

Charming Clown Special Edition des uns et des Autres

Tess des Melodi'Does